About Us

Armaceutica, Inc. was founded in 2019 as a Texas C corporation focused on developing a drug to treat various types of cancer. Our team is comprised of experts in the fields of cancer research, drug development, and the patenting of pharmaceutical products.

Our Team

Ernest T. Armstrong, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Armstrong has worked in the pharmaceuticals industry since the 1990s. He has presented and/or negotiated with some 200 pharmaceutical companies, many for licensing or asset purchase opportunities. He has had responsibility for large, late-stage drug development programs with budgets of over $10 million. He has worked with the FDA and written documents on approval and regulatory matters and has invented and authored several medical patents. He speaks six languages. Inventor and developer of vitamin D promoting sunscreens and Solar D skincare products. Mr. Armstrong’s undergraduate education was at Humboldt State University, CA. Spanish studies in Guatemala. BA degree in Business and BA in French. Biology studies. Graduate school at University of California at Santa Barbara, statistics, management program in Japan, and San Francisco State University, MBA.

Renato J. Aguilera, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Professor of Biology

Dr. Aguilera is a full Professor of Biology at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) where he conducts cancer biology and immunology research. His work on pyronaridine as a treatment for cancer has been groundbreaking. He was a tenured professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) for 14 years.He has a BS and a MS in biology from University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He has a PhD in immunology from University of California, Berkeley. He is the author or co-author of at least 70 scientific papers, generally on cancer and immunology, including a paper on pyronaridine.

Catherine R. Posey-Sariñana, CCRC
Head of Clinical Research

Catherine Posey-Sariñana has been conducting clinical research since the 1990s. She is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC) through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). Her clinical research has focused on immunology.

Carlos Tejeda
VP of Investor Relations

Carlos Tejeda attended Cal State L.A. and American Institute where he earned his degree in Business Finance. He was Director of Operations for the Coca Cola Company, Ontario, CA. He was CFO and a Board Member of the pharmaceutical company Cobalis Corp in Irvine, CA. He acts as a financial advisor to start-up companies.

Belinda Hartmann, PhD, JD
Registered Patent Attorney

Dr. Belinda Hartmann is a patent attorney. She has a background in biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, immunology, and biotechnology. She completed her Masters in Intellectual Property at the University of Technology Sydney. Her other qualifications include: Bachelor of Biotechnology, Griffith University, Bachelor of Science with Honors 1 (Biochemistry), Griffith University, Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation, University of Queensland Doctor of Philosophy (Biotechnology and Bioengineering), University of Queensland, and Registered Patent Attorney. She has worked with Ernest Armstrong on at least four pharmaceutical/biomedical patents.

Lyndon E. Mansfield, MD, CPI
Developed Clinical Study Protocol

Dr. Lyndon Mansfield was board certified in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and in Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology/Clinical Lab Immunology. He is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics. He was a Certified Principal Investigator, conducted dozens of clinical studies, and worked with pharmaceutical companies on clinical study design, protocol development and as a representative for regulatory matters to the FDA. He authored or co-authored over 90 medical manuscripts and over 104 scientific research presentations. Dr. Mansfield was involved in clinical research for over 30 years. He was trained in medicine at Thomas Jefferson Medical University, UC Irvine and UCLA.

Dr. Mansfield sadly passed away in August 2021 after completing the leukemia study documents and protocol.

“Having lost my father to liver cancer, I have a personal interest in seeing this product fully developed and commercialized.”

Ernest T. Armstrong, Founder and CEO

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